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Gothic Fashion

Gothic fashion is a subculture that has been around for decades. It's characterized by a passion for dark, dramatic clothing, makeup and hair styles. Gothic fashion is also associated with the gothic subculture, whose members often share an appreciation for the darker side of life—including death, magic and vampires.

This fashion is typically associated with black clothing, but it can include any dark color. The clothes are often tight-fitting and include long sleeves, high necklines and lots of layers. Accessories like fishnet stockings and lace gloves are common.

The look is completed with gothic makeup that tends to be pale in color with heavy eyeliner or eye shadow that extends far past the eyelid line. Hair is often dyed black or red with highlights of purple or blue added in as well.

Gothic fashion tends to include lots of lace and feminine frills; however it can also be masculine if you prefer a more rugged look. The key thing about gothic fashion is that it's very individualistic -- there are no rules when it comes to what you can wear!

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