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15Pcs Classic White Pullup Adult Diapers

15Pcs Classic White Pullup Adult Diapers

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Let your cuteness shine through with these 15Pcs Classic White Adult Diapers! Crafted from soft, absorbent fabric, these will keep you feeling comfy and safe from any little, er, accidents. Plus, they look pretty darn cute, too!

Type: Disposable diapers for adults
Applicable waist circumference: 70 - 140cm / 27.55 - 55.11in
Main for raw materials: non-woven cloth, absorbent paper, wood pulp, polymer absorbent resin, PE leak-proof membrane
Absorption: 1300ml
Color: White
Package Size:app. 27 x 23cm / 10.62 x 9.05in
Quantity: 1bag (15pcs)

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