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18Pcs Mermaid Eye Mask Moisturizing Collagen Protein

18Pcs Mermaid Eye Mask Moisturizing Collagen Protein

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-Improve the eye skin: The collagen soluble eye mask can dissolve the solid collagen essence cream and quickly penetrate into the skin, giving you an elastic, radiant, wrinkle free complexion.
-Ingredient safety: It contains protein, vitamins and other ingredients in fish, which can help fade dark circles under the eyes and relieve fatigue at night.
-Rapid absorption without greasy: refreshing and brightening eyes, relieving eye fatigue and brightening eyes.
-Fade fine lines: improve fine lines and dry lines, activate eye skin, and make skin soft. Lift the contour around the eyes, tighten and lift, tighten and enlarge the eyes
-Convenient to use: portable, put in a bag, and use at any time. Unpack and use.

Main Ingredients Pearl Extract, Red Algae, Camellia Japonica, Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Collagen
Suit for People Normal sensitive skin, especially those with dry skin and fine lines around the eyes.
Size 18pairs/36 piece


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