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Gothic Plaid Lace Trim Pleated Skirt (Colors)

Gothic Plaid Lace Trim Pleated Skirt (Colors)

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Discover your inner punk princess when you slip on this Gothic Plaid Lace Trim Pleated Skirt! With its cute pleated design and fun plaid pattern, you'll be feeling anything but "basic". So go ahead, express yourself and take it to the next level with this skirt! #StayGothic

Material: Polyester

XS: Waist - 62cm/ Length - 36cm

S: Waist - 66cm/ Length - 36cm

M: Waist - 70cm/ Length - 37cm

L: Waist - 74cm/ Length - 37cm

XL: Waist - 78cm/ Length - 38cm

2XL: Waist - 82cm/ Length - 38cm

3XL: Waist - 86cm/ Length - 39cm

4XL: Waist - 90cm/ Length - 39cm

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