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Magic Witch Tool Kit Dried Flower Witchcraft Supplies

Magic Witch Tool Kit Dried Flower Witchcraft Supplies

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Start your witchcraft practice! It is an ideal combination for various spells, rituals and daily witchcraft. It helps us achieve our goals, purify negative emotions, stimulate inner magic, promote the development of love, and increase wealth. It is also good for healing, positive energy, meditation, good sleep and more applications.
Magical Experience: The kit contains 12 kinds of dried herbs and 12 prayer candles. When lit, candle will emit the smell of herbs. Each candle can burn for about 2-4 hours, increasing your affinity for magic. The diversified choice of dried herbs is essential for clean , Rituals, spells, etc.
DIY Tool Set: There are 12 bottles of crystal stones. You can make your own crystal jewelry, aromatherapy set to decorate the living room or bedroom as well as stabilize the family's magnetic field. You can also make handmade necklaces with crystals to protect your family or friends.
Valuable Kit: The valuable kit contains 12 colorful candles (12 colors), length 4.9in, vanilla 12 bags, 5g/bag, crystal stone 12 bottles, 30g bottle, 12 pieces of kraft paper, crystal stone spoon*1, storage bag*1. Just one candle set can meet your multiple needs.
Kit is your start to practice witchcraft! It is an ideal combination for various spells, rituals and daily witchcraft to help us achieve our goals, purify negative emotions, stimulate inner magic, promote the development of love, and increase wealth.
Lavender can be used in wind element wishing rituals, which can enhance personal ability and promote the realization of goals.
Rosemary can be used in fire elemental wishing rituals to purify negative energy and relieve anxiety and stress.
Roses can be used in water element wishing rituals in conjunction with love spells, to enhance affinity, improve interpersonal relationships, and make emotional development smoother.
Chamomile can be used in earth element wishing ceremonies, which can promote cooperation, gather wealth, and attract wealth.

Material: dried flowers + crystal stone
Size: length about 4.9in

How to use spell example:
Step 1: Put the sage candle on the rune board and light it to purify the house and increase the affinity for magic. It will smell of sage and sea salt after being ignited.
Step 2: Use these crystals to form a magic circle to stabilize the magnetic field energy.
Step 3: Write your wish on the magic wishing paper, and then choose the corresponding herbs to put in the candle.

Packing List:
Candle *12
Crystal Stone*12
Kraft Paper*12
Storage Bag*1
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