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Waterproof Sweat Resistant Liquid Foundation

Waterproof Sweat Resistant Liquid Foundation

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Look flawless in any weather and any activity with this Waterproof Sweat Resistant Liquid Foundation! It's cute schmick and convenient container make it a must-have for beauty on the go. Ready, set, sweat-proof!

Efficacy: to create delicate makeup

Shelf life: three years

Size: 4*4*12cm

Weight: 120g

Applicable: Everyone

1. [moist texture] texture moist, delicate and smooth, moisturizing not sticky, easy to stretch, easy to apply

2. [Light and thin] Light and breathable, natural, moist makeup feeling, uniform makeup, easy to create makeup

3. [good concealer] can cover spots, dark, large pores, etc., so that your skin looks

4. [Long-term makeup] waterproof and sweat-proof, not easy to take off makeup, can hold makeup for a long time

Package: 1 * liquid foundation

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