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Mascara Day & Night Lengthening Volume Eyelash Primer Mascara

Mascara Day & Night Lengthening Volume Eyelash Primer Mascara

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This mascara contains rich fiber, which can extend eyelashes without limit. With the curved crescent-shaped brush design perfectly fits the eye shape, it can cover every eyelash easily and make eyelashes curl slightly. It is very suitable for beginners, students, and office workers who love Korean natural eye makeup.

Night Mascara:

The soft silica gel brush can be used to dip in more mascara liquid without damage to the skin. 600 dense brush headgears can instantly achieve a 4X dense eyelash effect and obtain a 45° curling eyelash makeup effect, which contains micro-fibers and is very suitable for creating the Party Queen effect at night.

Both are 12h long lasting and easy to clean (it can be removed with warm water)

Day mascara:Lengthen and micro-curl natural makeup effect.

Night mascara:4X volume and curl sexy killer eyes.

How to use:

Brush from the root to the tip of the eyelashes and layer until the desired appearance is achieved. 

-Black for Day Mascara:




Rich fiber

Crescent curve brush,Perfectly fit the eye shape 

-Black for Night Mascara: 

4X Volume


Silica Gel brush,Soft without hurting the skin


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