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Pastel Goth Heart Skater Dress

Pastel Goth Heart Skater Dress

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This Pastel Goth Heart Skater Dress is sure to make your heart skip a beat! It's the perfect mix of sweet and sassy, with a hint of kawaii thrown in. Get ready to rock your cutest look with this rad dress! 💜

S Length: 82Bust:84Waist:66
M Length: 83Bust:88Waist:70
L Length: 84Bust:94Waist:76
XL Length: 85Bust:100Waist:82

S Length: 32.28 Bust:33.07 Waist:25.98 
M Length: 32.68 Bust:34.65 Waist:27.56 
L Length: 33.07 Bust:37.01 Waist:29.92 
XL Length: 33.46 Bust:39.37 Waist:32.28 

Material: Polyester
Sleeve Length: Sleeveless

Package Included:
1 x dress


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