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Stainless Steel Spinner Colorful Ring

Stainless Steel Spinner Colorful Ring

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Round Material: Stainless Steel

Width: 6mm Size: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 US Size 6(Dia.): 16.4mm/0.65" (Approx.) US Size 7(Dia.): 17.3mm/0.68" (Approx.) US Size 8(Dia.): 18.1mm/0.71" (Approx.) US Size 9(Dia.): 18.9mm/0.74" (Approx.) 


US Size 10(Dia.): 19.7mm/0.78" (Approx.) US Size 11(Dia.): 20.6mm/0.81" (Approx.) US Size 12(Dia.): 21.4mm/0.84" (Approx.) 

Includes: 1 * Ring



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