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Witch Bell Wreath Protection Negative Energy Wind Chime

Witch Bell Wreath Protection Negative Energy Wind Chime

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-Handmade products vary in size, shape and color as each is unique.
-The witch bell is designed to make a sound when the door is opened or closed to protect the negative energy from entering the home. The sound of bells is said to clear the space of negative energy.
-It is made of rattan circle and used by pagans, witches and wizards in mysterious fashions, accessories or spells. It is said to protect you from evil energies, ghosts, curses and black magic.
-It can be hung on the wall for decoration, or hung on the door handle, and you can get a reminder when the door is opened.
-Beautifully made. Each piece of material has been carefully hand-selected and knotted to make it strong. A good gift for a new home, a bohemian decoration, a gift for a witch.

Material: Rattan+hemp rope + metal

Package included:
1 x Wind Chime

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