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Witchcraft Supplies Box For Beginners Kit

Witchcraft Supplies Box For Beginners Kit

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This witchcraft kit is an ideal combination for all kinds of spells, rituals, and everyday witchcraft. It helps us achieve our goals, purifies negative emotions, stimulates , promotes love, and increases wealth.

Sufficient Quantity: This witchcraft kit contains 7 crystal stones. You can make your own crystal jewelry, aromatherapy set to decorate your living room or bedroom and stabilize the magnetic field of your home. You can also make handmade necklaces out of crystals to protect your family or friends.

High-quality Material: This witchcraft kit features very high-quality fresh herbs, picked in perfect season. It has no artificial colors and no additives. And naturally air-dried, individually packaged, retains the original smell and color.

Widely Used: This witchcraft kit is very versatile and can be used to make Moon water, scented candles, bottles, yoga meditation, and more. Ideal witchcraft supplies are just one of them. Also, it can be used as a family, couple, daily surprise gift.

Perfect Service: For your better shopping experience, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us, we will provide the perfect after-sales service to meet your needs.


The quality of this witchcraft kit is very good and when lit, the candle smells of vanilla. Each candle can burn for about 2-4 hours, increasing your affinity . A diverse selection of hay is essential for cleanings, rituals, spells, and more.


Box Size: 5x15x25cm/1.69x5.9x9.84in

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