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Pretty Pink Reusable Adult Cloth Diaper

Pretty Pink Reusable Adult Cloth Diaper

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Say goodbye to the mess and discomfort of disposable adult diapers and hello to the soft, snug-fitting Pretty Pink Reusable Adult Cloth Diaper! Perfect for those with sensitive skin, this ultra-comfy diaper helps keep you dry and relaxed, with an adjustable waistband and elastic leg lining. And it's so dino-mite, you'll be grinning from ear to ear at its adorable pink color!

Size : Adjustable  (Fit for Adults from 60-100KG)

-Material: Polyester
-Size: 28.00X28.00X2.50cm/11.00X11.00X0.98in
- Fine details, stretch panty diaper fits you without worrying about the size being too big or too small.

-Stretchy Polyester Fabrics Waterproof PUL outside;
-Inner: 100% micro-polar fleece material in thick with breathability, Preventing skin suffers diaper rash.


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