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Sweet Washable Cloth Diapers (Colors)

Sweet Washable Cloth Diapers (Colors)

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Product structure: This product is in the shape of shorts and is made of a single patch of plain cloth. It is professionally designed to prevent side leakage.

Liquid-absorbent layer (need to order): Made of microfiber terry cloth, which has super water-absorbing properties, 5 times that of ordinary cotton towels, does not shed lint, and is durable. You can also use home-made cotton towels or changing pads.

How to use: Flatten the absorbent towel between the liquid-permeable layer and the liquid-isolating layer in the trousers, then put it on directly. The size can be tightened by the belt. Adjust yourself. The soft exudate blanket (or mesh) side is in contact with the body. When the absorbent layer towel is saturated, it should be taken out in time and washed and dried before use.

Product specifications: One size fits all, adjustable

Product Features:

Single piece of plain cloth, very comfortable, reusable, washed hundreds of times, economical and durable.

100% waterproof, large water absorption, and no worries about side leakage.

The legs are softly designed and elastic bands are added on the back for a more comfortable fit.

The front waist Velcro can be adjusted in size.

Easy to use (putting on and taking off exactly the same as diapers), soft and comfortable, and quick to dry


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